American Health Information Association

American Health Information AssociationThough sometimes referred to as the American Health Information Association, the correct name for AHIMA is the American Health Information Management Association. The American Health Information Association or AHIMA is known as the premier association for the management of health information. This association has more than 52,000 members who strive for the quality management of your personal health information and top-quality health care. This organization was founded in 1928 with the goal or improving the quality of medical records and record keeping.

According to the American Health Information Association their goal is:
“To be the professional community that improves health care by advancing best practices and standards for health information management and the trusted source for education, research, and professional credentialing.” (

Also according to the American Health Information Association, the values of AHIMA are:
“The public’s right to accurate and confidential personal health information; innovation and leadership in advancing health information management practices and standards worldwide; adherence to the AHIMA code of ethics; and advocacy and interdisciplinary collaboration with other professional organizations.”

The vision of AHIMA is “quality healthcare through quality information, and this organization can be joined through a membership and also employees a number of employees. This health organization also provides individuals and families with a variety of volunteer opportunities, is involved in certain legislation initiatives, and puts on a number of events throughout the year. This professional organization has been providing needed health management services for years and is a wonderful resource for health information.

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